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Historically, when building, renovating or extending your home, you looked at the floor plans on paper or a screen and had to imagine and visualize how the plans would translate to real size.

Not anymore.

Precise Plans state of the art technology allows you to walk through your floor plans in real life on a 1:1 life size scale, accurately experiencing the size and feel of each room in a tangible way and providing the opportunity to seamlessly make any necessary changes to the plans in advance.

  • Imagine seeing the layout of your room filled with real furniture
  • allowing you to make informed decisions with 20:20 vision from a foresight vantage point and create your reality before a tool has been lifted.

No more agonizing deliberations and sleepless nights filled with regret over costly changes to the plans you wish you would have made in hindsight.

Let us provide you with the peace of mind that your floor plans are perfect, and precise.

Welcome to Precise Plans.

Who We Work With

We work with all stakeholders involved in the building & construction design process

The Process

Walk through your full sized floor plan. Make an informed decision now. Save time and money later. Contact us for a free quote.


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Virtual Walkthrough

Enhance the experience by taking a virtual stroll through your home.

Convert your floor plans to 3D using AR (Augmented Reality) and immerse yourself in your home.
Visualise your interior and understand the size, scale and finish of the build as you walk through every inch of your house.

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